Allelon Training Centers

Allelon Training Centers (ATCs) provide practical, affordable and flexible training for all church leaders. Delivered by men and women with hands-on experience of mission in the United States and Canada, the program aims to enable leaders and potential leaders to transform their thinking, their lives, and their ways of being church.

Taking seriously your existing Christian experience, the course will help you find new ways of building mission-shaped ministries that will profoundly affect your community. Expect change and expect to be changed.

At least 10% of people in most churches are already in some form of leadership. If you are a small group leader, a church planter, clergy, elder, deacon, a member of a leadership team, a youth leader, an emerging church leader, or a leader of a ministry into the local community, this program is for you.

Its modular structure means you can start when you like and take as long as you need to cover all 24 topics. You can choose to work through any local tutorial group in your area. Academic qualifications are not necessary, but you do need the support of your local church leadership to apply what you are learning.

Regional ATCs

We are excited to announce the development of Regional ATCs in North America in the following locations:

  1. Hamilton, ON
  2. Kansas City, MO
  3. Philadelphia, PA
  4. Seattle, WA
  5. Okanagan, BC
  6. Eagle, ID (Development/2009)
  7. Knoxville, TN (Development/2009)