Modules & Topics

The design of the program includes three different kinds of learning for all types of learners.

Download ATC Modules & Topics

The ATC curriculum is developed by experienced practitioners and educational consultants. Its focus is on preparing church and lay leaders to affect their communities for the kingdom.

ATC “locally based learning” is comprised of 6 Modules and 24 Topics. The Module structure is designed around 3 categories:

  1. Theology/Theory
  2. Practical Application
  3. Spiritual Formation

The program is designed so you can start with any Topic offered at a given time. There’s no prescribed order. This allows you the flexibility to take courses as you can and as many or few as you like.

Each Topic, like the Summer Institutes currently offered in Kansas City and Hamilton, consists of 8 classes. Whether offered as a weekend intensive, a Summer Institute, or a weekly class, it will cover the same material over 8 classes or sessions. A Topic can be offered in an intensive 3 or 4 days (like with the Summer Institutes), or run weekly over an 8 week period. Each local ATC will schedule Topics for people with full-time jobs and responsibilities, so they can participate in this flexible program.

Classes are run as tutorials. Students complete reading and preparation before each class. Each Topic has its own online classroom providing access to the resources. Types of preparatory work include such things as: reading, video, audio, class notes and preparatory questions. We estimate each class will involve you investing approximately 3 hours of preparation. The only exception to this will be the Summer Institutes in which the majority of the preparation will take place prior to the 2½ day intensive. There will be assignments and evaluations for each Topic.

Experienced missional leaders guide tutorials. They are trained to assist students dig deeper into the material and apply it to the local context.

Whether taking a few courses out of interest, or committing to all 24 Topics, this program will impact your understanding and give you the tools to be about God’s mission in your context.

We are working toward getting the program accredited as a Masters of Missional Leadership. The primary focus of the ATCs is training up a movement of lay and church leaders on mission in their neighborhoods and communities. It is not a replacement for those considering accredited, full-time ministry.