Introduction to Missional Leadership

The primary task of the leader is to reconnect ecclesiology and missiology in order that the church be defined first and foremost by its God-given mission.

— Eddie Gibbs

Hosted by Alan Roxburgh

This 5-part series looks at the skills and capacities of mission-shaped leadership. Join Alan and other pastor/leaders for a hour-long event that includes Alan’s live presentation plus dedicated time for interaction and “Q&A.”

Each part of this series functions as a standalone event, so you do not need to participate in every part to reap the benefit of each session. Each live event will include practical guidance for your development as a leader and is accompanied by a downloadable guide with suggestions and action steps.

In order to facilitate interaction, there will be limited space available for each live session. Register soon to guarantee a spot for yourself.

Introduction to Missional Leadership with Alan Roxburgh
1. Introduction: Frameworks for Missional Leadership
This session offers a framework for understanding the basis of missional leadership by introducing the Mission-Shaped Leadership Matrix.
Webinar Hosted - January 09
A free download of this Webinar will be made available shortly.

2. Personal Foundation Attributes
This second session in the series focuses on basic attributes of effective missional leadership with respect to specific personal character traits.
Live Webinar:
January 19th, 9am PT & 20th, 12pm PT, 2009.

3. Forming People
Missional leadership is about cultivating a way of life among a people. It is not primarily about programs or tactics, but is about forming people rather than organizational or planning processes. Strategic plans, vision, and mission statements will not form a missional community: missional imagination is among the people of God. Missional leaderships are like midwives who call forth God’s future from among the people; it is emergent rather than the result of a strategic plan.
Live Webinar:
February 16nd & 17th, 2009 — Times to be confirmed

4. Forming Systems
Organization and structure are important to the formation of a missional community. Local chruches, parachurch organizations and denominations all need structures through which to achieve their goals and purposes. Mission-shaped leaders are skilled in forming systems that innovate creativity and enable people to flourish.
Live Webinar:
March 2nd & 3rd, 2009 — Time to be confirmed

5. Engaging Context
A mission-shaped leader invites a community of Christians to see their local context as the primary location of its life and witness, as local churches and parachurch ministries need to be rooted in the social contexts of neighborhoods and their interrelationships. The term we use for this is “moving back into the neighborhood.” Mission-shaped leadership is directed at the formation of a witnessing people shaped by an outward journey of gospel engagement with their unique context.
Live Webinar:
March 9th & 10th, 2009 — Time to be confirmed

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